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Gracelynn Moans Busted Watching Her Own Porn Videos (remastered)

Gracelynn was renting a room from me and had snuck into my office while I was in the shower to masturbate to videos we had made together. When I walked in, Gracelynn was spread-eagle on my office chair, her panties pulled aside, and a large vibrator massaging her swollen clit. I got on my knees and started eating her sweet teen pussy then got on my desk and the horny teen sucked my cock like the little whore she is. We fucked on my desk, then on the couch, and then I covered the little whore in old man. Time for a smoke in the hot tub.
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  • Featuring: Gracelynn Moans, Richard Nailder
  • Published: 13 Nov 2023
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Surprising Gracelynn With Police Role-play On My Birthday

I overheard Gracelynn telling her sister about a police fantasy she had. To be handcuffed and fucked by a police officer. So, for my birthday, I booked a room at an old prison converted to a hotel. After making out for a bit, I faked heartburn and left to get my meds. She was getting pretty bored by the time I had changed into the police uniform, and nearly jumped out of her skin when I pounded on the door, turned the old fashioned key, and burst into the room... after the initial scare, she started laughing, claiming it was her birthday. I thoroughly searched her before bending putting her on her knees and she started sucking my thick old cock. Bending her over the bed, I pulled up her skirt, pulled her panties aside, and rammed my fat cock balls-deep in her dripping wet pussy. She moaned and we were off... After some amazing romantic sex, I thrust as deep and hard as I could, and filled her pulsating pussy with warm cum as she climaxed. The role-play was fun, the sex was even better.

Joey Fucks Her First Big Cock - Remastered

After I got the cameras set up, Joey climbed on the couch and started sucking my thick cock for the first time. Her warm Latina mouth wrapped around my old cock and started doing it's magic. I was in heaven. This MILF has plenty of cocksucking experience and it was real hard not to blow a huge load of hot cum in her mouth, but I held off... I wanted to feel the warmth of her beautiful shaved pussy. Pulling her panties aside, I slid my throbbing old cock in the young MILF's beautiful fuck-hole. She moaned as my big white cock filled her tight Latina pussy. I could feel her pussy tighten up... then relax and allow me to force my cock balls-deep inside her cunt. She moaned and I felt her pussy contract again. I resisted the urge to immediately cum inside of her and started fucking her proper.

Stunning MILF Andi Skye Cums Hard Before Swallowing Cum Grandpas Cum

A friend recommend that stunning MILF Andi Skye and I do a massage video together. The friend had told her "he's a tongue artist" and guaranteed Andi a good time. What she didn't tell Andi, was how much fun she was going to have riding my fat old grandpa cock. What she didn't tell me, was that Andi was so stunning. I started slow slipping my experienced hands over her firm athletic body, her large natural breasts, her beautiful flat stomach. By the time I slipped my fingers into her dripping wet pussy, she was reaching for my throbbing cock. Spreading her legs, I knelt and began to worship her perfect pink pussy. I watched as her flat belly undulated in unison with her her pussy contractions, as my tongue did it's magic on her clitoris. Her large natural breasts providing the perfect foreground to her beautiful face. I continued licking her engorged clit until she arched forwarded, moaning and giggling at the same time. Then I fucked her propper, cumming deep inside her throat.

Shy Teens Have Tighter Pussies - Sophia Cousins Returns For More Of My Fat Old Cock

Shy Sophia Cousins was tired but her cuck boyfriend had sent her over and wanted me to make another video of the dirty old man fucking her puffy teen cunt. After turning the cameras on, I laid her back on the bed and peeled her jeans shorts off. We made out for a while before I went down on her puffy teem pussy. My god, her young pussy was so sweet... Working my tongue slowly way back up her body, I removed her bra and indulged myself and feasted on her firm natural breasts. Pulling her black panties, I returned to eating her pussy. Sliding my fingers inside, I could feel her vaginal contractions as my tongue flicked her swollen clitoris. Time to feel those contractions on my cock. Leaning her over the bed, I entered from behind. Her big ass, red from spanking, provided the perfect cushion for the pussy pounding she was about to receive. My fat old cock was in heaven. Rolling her over, I looked down at her perfect body and slid my cock back inside her puffy teen cunt. Fuck, I couldn't hold back... My balls-deep strokes got faster until I could hold back no longer.. pulling out, I came all over her puffy pink pussy. I shut the cameras off and sent her home with a copy for her boyfriend. It's good top be me. :)

Grandpa Fucks Alice Thunder's Tight Little Venezuelan Asshole

Grandpa (that would be me) pulled Alice's pink panties aside and slowly forced his fat old cock into Alice's tight Venezuelan asshole. That's the description a blogger gave this video and I couldn't have done it better. What he didn't know is that Alice and I had been dating for a while and this wasn't the first time I'd violated her tight little asshole... but it was one of the best. She looked so sexy in her pink lingerie as I pounded her butt. Another amazing memory captured on film.

Naughty Venezuelan School Girl Filled With Grandpa Nailder's Cum - Old Man Creampies Tight Young Pussy

Alice Thunder keeps coming back to fuck Grandpa Nailder because no one can make her cum like he can. And because he spoils her, she spoils him. In this hardcore age-gap video, Alison has multiple orgasms before Grandpa Nailder blows a huge load of cum in her tight teen cunt.

Huge Rubber Dildo Up Alice's Tight Venezuelan Asshole

Alice couldn't wait to get home try out her new buttplugs and dildo so I grabbed a camera and filmed my sexy Venezuelan friend masturbation. She put the fancy chrome buttplug in her tight ass first but soon had a HUGE black rubber plug all the way up her tight (at least it was before) Latina asshole.