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Recent Photo And Video Updates

Horny Widow Stranded At My Place

Hazil Starr had come out to Colorado to make a few videos and on her last night here she was stuck at my place due to a blizzard. We had already shot a couple of scenes that day and even made snow angels in the snow so we were plenty tired but I figured this might be the last chance I got to fuck this horny MILF and I wasn't going to pass up pussy this good.

Sleepover Sex

A blizzard forced Hazil to stay the night after a day of making porn so we made the best of the situation and had the best sleepover sex I've ever had. Sure glad I took a minute and set up the cameras. ;) Watch as this amazing widow coaxed my tired cock hard one more time then fucks me like she hadn't seen a cock since her husband died... or earlier that day.

Old White Gut Fucks Hot Black Girl In Hotel

Bonnie and I had already shot a amazing threesome scene with Gracelynn Moans earlier in the evening but after dinner and a few drinks, we were feeling frisky again so we ditched Gracelynn in the Casino and snuck back to the room for some one-on-one time. I'll admit, I was a bit worn out but Bonnie had no problem coaxing my cock hard and I finished with a balls-deep creampie... my thick white cock pumping it's warm load deep in my beautiful black girlfriends cunt. Hope she took her pill... I'm too damn old to breeding.

Late Night Interracial Creampie

Bonnie and I had shot an orgy scene with Gracelynn early in the evening and finally had the hotel room to ourselves. The cameras were still setup so all I had to do was hit record and capture this unplanned interracial scene for all of you to enjoy.